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Jenn Lukens, Web Writer

Jenn Lukens Jenn Lukens has been a web writer for the Rural Health Information Hub since 2015.

Jenn writes original content for the website, including RHIhub's Models and Innovations and Rural Monitor articles involving health networks; maternal, infant, and child health; healthy lifestyles including exercise and nutrition; community health workers; and disease prevention and reversal. Jenn sees her role as bridging the gap between theory and practice: there are great ideas out there, but it can be difficult to know how to implement them. Highlighting successful programs in rural areas or delving into important rural issues means rural organizations with scarce resources don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Jenn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and in Biblical and Theological Studies from the University of Northwestern. After college, Jenn worked in public relations for a variety of non-profits, including one in rural North Carolina. She also worked as an Insurance Clerk in a rural North Dakota hospital, which provided her with invaluable knowledge of the healthcare field and how facilities run from a business perspective. During her time there, Jenn also created their newsletter, acting as writer, editor, and publisher. She interviewed hospital and clinic patients and staff, which allowed her to experience the human side of healthcare and to connect more with her community.

Growing up, Jenn's rural connection was limited to visiting her grandparents in rural Texas and Minnesota. But in college, Jenn studied abroad in rural and isolated areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua where access to healthcare, as well as many other things, was extremely limited. This glimpse into rural challenges and successes gave her a footing when life—and her husband—took her to a small town in North Dakota. What was once foreign became endearing, and Jenn grew to appreciate the interconnected nature of rural communities. She and her husband, who farms during the summer and teaches in a rural school during the school year, still live in rural North Dakota.

Contact Jenn at 701.777.8000 or by email at