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Rural Project Examples: Community paramedics

Effective Examples

funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Livingston County Help For Seniors
Updated/reviewed August 2016
  • Need: Geriatric patients in rural Livingston County, NY had unmet needs, including the identification and treatment of health issues, as well as preventive services.
  • Intervention: The program Help for Seniors developed vodcasts to train local EMTs how to care for and screen older adults, as well provide further interventions as needed.
  • Results: In addition to developing a successful model for educating EMS personnel, the program screened 1,231 individuals and identified various risks among the population.
Abbeville County’s Community Paramedic Program
Added December 2015
  • Need: To reduce non-emergent visits to the emergency department as well as inpatient stays in rural South Carolina.
  • Intervention: A community paramedic program was started in Abbeville County, providing in-home preventive care to patients.
  • Results: Emergency room visits have decreased by 58.7% and inpatient stays by 60%. Many patients previously needing consistent services now only need occasional check-ups.

Other Project Examples

Eagle County Community Paramedic
Updated/reviewed February 2017
  • Need: Rural areas nationwide have shortages of primary care providers and home health programs.
  • Intervention: Eagle County Paramedic Services is utilizing community paramedics in the provision of non-acute home care and assistance with immunizations and screenings in rural areas where it is difficult for these services to be accessed.
  • Results: The pilot program was featured at the 2010 International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine. After 18 months of implementing the program, a net total of $288,028 in healthcare costs was saved.