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Rural Health Information Hub

Formerly the
Rural Assistance Center

Funding Rural Community Health Projects that Demonstrate a Level of Evidence

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) administers grant programs designed to build healthcare capacity in rural communities and encourages applicants to propose projects based on approaches that have been shown to be effective.

  • The Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program supports consortiums to improve and expand outreach and service delivery in rural communities. Consortiums are given the flexibility to determine what community needs they want to address and the best way to address them. This program provides three-year funding to provide and deliver health care services that improve population health, demonstrate outcomes and can be sustained after federal funding is over.
  • The Rural Health Network Development Grant Program supports rural integrated health networks that have combined their efforts order to:¬†achieve efficiencies; expand access to, coordinate, and improve the quality of essential health care services; and strengthen the healthcare system as a whole.
  • The Rural Health Network Development Planning Grant Program supports the development of integrated healthcare networks among participants that do not have a history of collaborative efforts. The program supports one year of planning with the primary goal of helping networks create a foundation for their infrastructure and focusing member efforts to address important regional or local community health needs.

All three of these grant programs can be used to address a wide-range of health concerns in rural communities. Listed below are just some of the health issues that can be addressed through these grant programs.