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Rural Health Information Hub

Formerly the
Rural Assistance Center

Sharing Effective Approaches to Address Rural Health Issues

Learn from the work of Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) grantees and other rural communities undertaking community health projects via the Community Health Gateway:

Evidence-Based Toolkits

The Community Health Gateway offers Evidence-Based Toolkits addressing key rural health concerns. Resources and examples in these toolkits are chosen for effectiveness and adaptability and drawn from programs with a strong history of service and community success. Each toolkit offers a step-by-step approach to choosing and implementing an evidence-based approach in your community.

Rural Health Models & Innovations

The Community Health Gateway's Rural Health Models & Innovations lists examples of projects undertaken by rural communities, including those that have been shown to be effective in rural areas. Of the evidence-based projects included in this section, 35 were conducted by FORHP-funded grantees. The project descriptions include information on services, barriers encountered, results, and recommendations for program replication.

Rural Monitor

The Rural Monitor’s Around the Country features projects funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, as well as work funded by other sources. In late 2015, this section will also be home to a new set of articles that highlight how grantees have used FORHP grants as catalysts to expand and strengthen their networks and have a sustained impact in their communities.