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Input Checklist

Here are the types of information you will need to enter to complete your scenario.

Background information

  • Project name
  • State served
  • Area served (entire state or part of state). If your project serves only part of a state:
    • Identify either the percent of the state served or the population served
    • Choose whether to use the standard multipliers or custom multipliers purchased from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
      Learn more about BEA Multipliers
  • Year of project
  • HRSA grant type (outreach, network with HIT, network without HIT, other)
  • Dollar amount of HRSA funding
  • Dollar amount of other funding

Spending Information

Total funding from HRSA and other funding sources should equal the spending entered to generate an economic impact report. Categories of spending to include are:

  • Personnel
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Contracts
  • Operational spending other than the first three categories

For each category, you can enter separate expenses. For each expense, you will be asked to provide the following information:

Calculate an Economic Impact Scenario

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