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STOP School Violence Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Program

This funding record is inactive. Please see the program website or contact the program sponsor to determine if this program is currently accepting applications or will open again in the future.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 16.839
Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice
Jul 15, 2019

Office of Justice Programs Response Center:
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This program provides grants for the development and operation of school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams and the development of technology for local or regional anonymous reporting systems.

Required project objectives and deliverables are based on the type of project and project location.

  • Deliverables for projects based on threat assessments and teams:
    • Develop and conduct individual and school threat assessments in target schools identified in the application
    • Establish crisis intervention teams that use evidence-based strategies, and are based on cooperative partnerships with local professional organizations, public safety agencies, and health and human services disciplines, with the intention to reduce school violence in the target area
    • Report threat assessment data to the Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Deliverables for projects to implement a technological solution:
    • Develop and/or implement an anonymous reporting system available via mobile phone, a telephone hotline, or website which enables individuals to anonymously report threats of school violence
    • The product interfaces with existing systems, where applicable
    • The system can share information in an active situation, where feasible

Eligible applicants are:

  • States
  • Units of local government
  • Federally recognized tribes

Applicants may use the grant to contract with or make subawards to one or more:

  • Local educational agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations, excluding schools
  • Units of local government or tribal organizations
Geographic coverage
Amount of funding

Award amounts by category:

  • Category 1:
    • For states with a population larger than 5,000,000
    • Award ceiling - $1,000,000
    • Number of awards - 8
  • Category 2:
    • For states with a population fewer than 5,000,000
    • Award ceiling - $500,000
    • Number of awards - 8
  • Category 3:
    • For an urban area or large county with a population larger than 500,000
    • Award ceiling - $500,000
    • Number of awards - 8
  • Category 4:
    • For a suburban area or medium-sized county with a population between 100,000-500,000
    • Award ceiling - $250,000
    • Number of awards - 18
  • Category 5:
    • For rural areas or small counties with a population less than 100,000
    • Award ceiling - $150,000
    • Number of awards - 13
  • Category 6:
    • For federally recognized tribes
    • Award ceiling - $100,000
    • Number of awards - 6
  • Category 7:
    • For technology and anonymous reporting
    • Award ceiling - $250,000
    • Number of awards - 17
  • Category 8:
    • For states to create or enhance State School Safety Centers
    • Award ceiling - $1,000,000
    • Number of awards - 7

Project period: 3 years
Estimated number of awards: 64
Estimated total program funding: $34,300,000

Application process

Links to the full announcement, application instructions, and the online application process are available through

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