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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Healthcare Surge Readiness

Key and essential resources, tools, and training to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 in your community.

Browse by Healthcare Setting

  • EMS, Pre-Hospital, and 911

    Critical operational material and COVID-19 resources for use by local staff and leadership of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and 911 Public Safety Answering Points/Emergency Communications Centers.

  • Inpatient and Hospital Care

    Curated selection of COVID-19 resources and tools for Hospitals and Inpatient settings, relevant for healthcare executives, managers and workers in these settings.

  • Ambulatory Care

    Compilation of essential COVID-19 resources for those in ambulatory settings, including leadership and all healthcare workers who see patients in outpatient settings, such as primary care, subspecialties, surgical, dental, mental health, and school-based clinics.

  • Long-Term Care

    Curated critical COVID-19 resources for Long-Term Care (LTC) settings, including leadership and all healthcare workers who care for those in LTC settings, such as nursing homes, home health care facilities, and correctional facilities.

Browse by Topic

  • Behavioral Health
    Resources to equip and protect healthcare workers' psychological health and well-being.
  • Funding
    Information regarding funding and finance topics related to COVID-19.
  • Operations
    Topics that focus on augmenting and changing operational procedures to prepare for and respond to COVID-19.
  • Regulatory and Policy
    Information on regulatory waivers and flexibilities that are applicable for healthcare facilities during COVID-19.
  • Resources
    Reference materials and targeted resources related to COVID-19 for use in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Space
    Strategies, techniques, and tools to augment and/or transform existing facility space and create new functional areas for COVID-19 patient surge.
  • Supplies
    Guidance, tips, and updates on personal protective equipment (PPE) use and preservation and other supply chain items.
  • Telehealth
    Materials on implementation of telehealth/telemedicine including coding and billing practices, integration of telehealth into provider workflows, and remote or virtual health care services.
  • Workforce
    Content to prepare, protect, and maintain resilience of the healthcare workforce ― including training, infection control and healthcare worker safety, and policy flexibilities.