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Identification of High-Need Rural Counties to Assist in Resource Location Planning

Demonstrates a technique for identifying rural counties that are at risk for poor health outcomes and have few or no Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, or Critical Access Hospitals. Features statistics and county-level maps showing distribution of safety net providers in rural counties, and distribution of average decile scores for health outcomes, socioeconomic characteristics, health behaviors, access to health care, and physical environment, among rural counties lacking a core safety net provider
Charity B. Breneman, Jan M. Eberth, Janice C. Probst
Rural and Minority Health Research Center (formerly the South Carolina Rural Health Research Center)
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Access · Critical Access Hospitals · Federally Qualified Health Centers · Planning and strategy methods and resources · Policy · Population health · Rural Health Clinics · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data