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Prevalence and Mortality of Heart Disease and Related Conditions: Disparities Affecting the South, Rural Areas, and American Indian and Alaska Natives

Policy brief describing trends in the prevalence of stroke, angina or coronary heart disease, and heart attack from 2011-2015, and assessing trends in mortality for heart disease and associated conditions from 2006-2016. Explores whether disease-related mortality and prevalence of disease varied across region, rurality, and time period. Features statistics including mortality from congestive heart failure, stroke and cerebrovascular disease, and ischemic heart disease in 2016, with breakdowns by 6 levels of population density.
Samuel D. Towne, Jr., Timothy H. Callaghan, Alva O. Ferdinand, et al.
Southwest Rural Health Research Center
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American Indian or Alaska Native · Cardiovascular disease · Health disparities · Mortality · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data · The South

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