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Since 1990, Rural Hospital Closures Have Increasingly Occurred in Counties that Are More Urbanized, Diverse, and Economically Unequal

Findings brief describing the socioeconomic, demographic, and health system characteristics of rural counties with and without hospital closures between 1990-2020. Features county-level maps showing rural hospital closures by decade, and statistics including percentage of closures by census region, median share of racial and ethnic groups and socioeconomic indicators in closure counties, and share of rural counties classified as whole-county Health Professional Shortage Areas prior to closure. Includes a table showing share of counties in Rural-Urban Continuum Code categories 1-9 in 1990, 2003, and 2013.
Arrianna Marie Planey, Julie R. Perry, Erin E. Kent, et al.
North Carolina Rural Health Research Program
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Closures of healthcare facilities and services · Health disparities · Health workforce shortage designations · Hospitals · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data

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