Distance Technologies Help Rural Nurses Pursue Advanced Degrees

Demand in rural areas for registered nurses with advanced training will continue to increase, said Polly Bednash, CEO of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).

“Fortunately for nurses already living in rural areas, more online programs are available to assist them in furthering their educations,” Bednash said. “Of the more than 630 RN-to-Baccalaureate programs available nationwide, at least 400 are offered partially online. These programs build on the education provided in diploma and associate degree programs and prepare graduates for a broader scope of practice.”

Many of the more than 160 RN-to-Master’s degree programs are also available through distance technologies.

A list of degree completion programs is available at the AACN website. See: Schools Offering RN to Baccalaureate Programs and Schools Offering RN to Master’s Programs.

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