Fall 2008

Rural Cancer

Dr. Thomas MoodyIntroduction: Challenges Abound in Rural Cancer Care

Getting Cancer Screenings to Rural Patients
by Candi Helseth
A doctor in Alabama and a former cancer patient in Texas are bringing cancer screening to rural areas in their states.

Telemedicine Revolutionizing Rural Cancer Treatment
by Candi Helseth
Telemedicine is offering what used to be exclusively urban cancer care to rural towns.

Dr. Ana Maria LopezSupport Services Enhance Rural Cancer Care
by Candi Helseth
Support services such as volunteer drivers and distance education classes aid rural cancer patients in their recovery.

Sidebar: Some Facts About Rural Cancer

Rethinking Human Services

by Tom Corbett, Ph.D.
Considering the “D” word
The specter of an actual depression, the dreaded “D” word, is fast becoming a reality—and it may bring rural devastation.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
Recession, Health and Health Care
What does the potential for months of continuing economic hardship mean for patients and providers?

Around the Country

DeSoto Regional Hospitalby Candi Helseth
IT Project Connects Rural Louisiana Hospitals
The Louisiana Rural Health Information Exchange is bringing electronic medical records and telemedicine technology to 24 rural hospitals.

Mobile Unit Brings Cancer Screenings to Native American Women
A mobile health unit is traveling to reservations in four states to provide digital mammograms and other screening tests for women.

Rural Spotlight

Theresa Chanby Beth Blevins
An Interview with Theresa Chan, M.D.
The creator of Rural Doctoring talks about working as a rural physician in northern California and what prompted her to start her blog.