Fall 2010

Community Health Workers and Community Paramedics

Family Health CentersCommunity Health Workers Playing a Bigger Role in Health Care
by Candi Helseth
The need for community health workers—who typically provide health education and program enrollment—is increasing, as are their duties.

Sidebar: What Is a Community Health Worker?

Community Paramedic Program, ColoradoCommunity Paramedics Widen Medical Services in Rural Areas
by Candi Helseth
To make better use of their downtime, communities are training paramedics to also provide home care, immunizations and other health services.

Sidebar: EMT vs Paramedics

Challenges for Human Services

by Kathleen Belanger
What Do We Mean By Human Services?
Although human services can be difficult to define, definitions are necessary in order to measure and assess which services need to be available.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
The Scariest Medical Job in America
The scariest medical job in America is in the emergency room of a small rural hospital in the middle of the night that has no specialists, only contract physicians without formal training.

Around the Country

Ferry, San Juan Islandsby Candi Helseth
Psychiatrists Offer “Face-to-Face” Sessions Via Technology in Washington State
The San Juan County Telepsychiatry Project allows patients to speak with psychiatrists without having to take a ferry or drive all day to the mainland.

Virginia Free Clinic Provides Multiple Health Services Under One Roof
Giles Clinic is providing free medical, dental and mental health care to uninsured residents, many of whom had gone years without primary care.

Rural Spotlight

Keith Muellerby Beth Blevins
An Interview with Keith Mueller, Ph.D.
The director of RUPRI ’s Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis discusses health care reform and its potential rural effects.