Fall 2011

Small Hospital Quality

Pediatric Care StaffRural Health Networks Prove There Is Strength in Numbers
by Candi Helseth
Quality is increasing measurably for hospitals enrolled in networks in Michigan and Montana.

Sidebar: What is CAH?

Sidebar: New Partnership Encourages Health Care Quality

TeamSTEPPS: Better Hospital Teamwork Increases Patient Safety
by Candi Helseth
The TeamSTEPPS system improves patient safety by fostering better communication and teamwork among health care professionals.

New Project Targets CAH Quality Measures and Reporting
by Candi Helseth
MBQIP is helping Critical Access Hospitals improve patient care quality and operations, and more accurately report rural health care quality.

Sidebar: What is Flex?

Challenges for Human Services

by Kathleen Belanger
Rural Helping: Trusted, Organized and Flexible
After Hurricane Katrina, the town of Nacogdoches, Tex., proved that the best local help must involve organizations that are community-based, flexible, connected and trusted.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
Rural Community Health Act of 2013: The Critical Access Health Complex
Argues that many Critical Access Hospitals are probably too small to be operationally sound inpatient operations.

Loveless uses Portable UltrasoundAround the Country

by Candi Helseth
Mobile EMS Lab Improves Critical Care in Nevada’s High Desert
Humboldt General Hospital Emergency Medical Services is taking ultrasound and lab out in the field to improve patient outcomes.

Rural Spotlight

Teryl Eisingerby Beth Blevins
An Interview with Teryl Eisinger
The director of NOSORH discusses National Rural Health Day and how NOSORH works as a virtual office.