Fall 2012

Seniors Aging Place

Aimee RobertsTelehealth Programs Allow More Rural Seniors to Live at Home
by Candi Helseth
Through the use of telehealth equipment in their own homes, seniors can regularly monitor their health, avoiding hospitalizations and nursing home care.

Integrated Social Services is Key Component in Senior Independence
by Candi Helseth
Community programs in West Virginia and other states are bringing caregivers to the rural elderly, helping them continue to stay in their homes.

Widespread Need for Caregivers
by Candi Helseth
Finding an adequate supply of trained caregivers to provide in-home care for seniors continues to be a challenge, especially in rural areas.

Challenges for Human Services

by Kathleen Belanger
Boots on the Ground
Having a “boots on the ground” human services professional would benefit rural communities.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
The Politics of Living Longer
Rural people are dying younger—what can be done?

Around the Country

by Candi Helseth
Summer Program Gives Students Experience in Rural Illinois HospitalsTaylor Still
Summer preceptorships are giving health professions students the opportunity to practice their skills and solve real-world problems.

Smokers Butt Out in Iowa County
High schoolers in Iowa’s Ringgold County successfully campaigned to ban smoking from public parks, bringing new awareness to the prevalence of tobacco use there.

Rural Spotlight

Barb Fabre-Ojibwa Nationby Beth Blevins
An Interview with Barb Fabre
Fabre, an enrolled member of the Ojibwa Nation in Minnesota and director for the White Earth Child Care program, describes life on the reservation, and the unique challenges facing childcare providers there.