Spring 2009

Medical Homes

Lakewood Health SystemMedical Homes Offer Comprehensive Care Approach
by Candi Helseth
Medical home programs in North Carolina and Minnesota are improving quality of patient care while containing costs.

Information Technology Plays Key Role in Medical Homes
by Candi Helseth
Electronic medical records are needed for medical homes to succeed, but few primary care providers are using them.

Medical Homes Provide Coordinated Care for Chronic Conditions
by Candi Helseth
Patients with chronic conditions enrolled in Community Care of North Carolina are benefiting from its long-term, coordinated approach.

Reimbursement and Workforce Issues Hamper Medical Home Implementation
by Candi Helseth
Medical homes struggle with reimbursement for non-sick care and with physician staffing.

Challenges for Human Services

by Tom Corbett, Ph.D.
Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Rural America is starting to feel the full fury of the recession, but there are indications that the crisis may be abating.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
Myers’ neighbors in Maine demonstrate real-life examples of health care needs.

Around the Country

by Candi Helseth
Recovery Act Funding Targets Health Centers
James R. Buechler, M.D.The federal stimulus package is funding clinic staffing, renovations and HIT.

Indiana Collaborative Addresses Health Care Worker Shortages
Organizations in Terre Haute are working together to improve access to medical care and encourage economic development.

Rural Spotlight

Tim Sizeby Beth Blevins
An Interview with Tim Size, MBA
The Executive Director of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative discusses the evolution of his cooperative, health care advocacy and blogging.