Winter 2010

Rural Homeless


La Puente HomeOffering Help and Hope to Rural Homeless in Colorado
by Candi Helseth
La Puente Home provides emergency shelter to hundreds each year, as well as supportive and permanent housing programs and home rehabilitation.

Sidebar: Types of Shelter and Housing Aid for the Homeless

Helping the Rural Homeless Find Permanent Housing
by Candi Helseth
Programs in Kansas and Ohio are preventing homelessness by helping rural residents become or remain homeowners.

Sidebar: Who Is Homeless?

How Many Rural Homeless are There?
by Candi Helseth
The rural homeless are often called “the hidden homeless” because of the difficulty in finding and counting them.

Challenges for Human Services

by Tom Corbett, Ph.D.
A Matter of Perspective
While the economic downturn may have been a little less noticeable in rural America, the capacity to fully participate in the recovery there is uncertain.

Look What’s Coming

by Wayne Myers, M.D.
How Much Help Can We Stand?
Rural community health care is being torn to bits by several unrelated program developments, including expansions of hospital networks and community health centers.

Around the Country

MiVIA Usersby Candi Helseth
MiVIA Program Lets Migrant Workers Access Electronic Health Records From Any Computer
MiVIA is allowing migrant workers and others to carry and access their personal health records no matter where they are.

Mobile Service in Florida Helps Homeless Veterans
Florida Veterans Mobile Service Center is bringing medical care and social support to rural encampments where homeless veterans live.

Rural Spotlight

Tom Morrisby Beth Blevins 
An Interview with Tom Morris
Tom Morris, the director of the Office of Rural Health Policy, discusses major developments at ORHP in the 12 years he’s been there and upcoming changes, including the return of telehealth.

Monitor Update

Paul MoorePaul Moore Coming to Washington to Work on Rural Policy Issues
Pharmacist Paul Moore is coming to D.C. to work at the Office of Rural Health Policy.