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Rural Health Information Hub

Mariposa Community Health Center

  • Project Title: Vivir Mejor! (Live Better!) Consortium
  • Grant Period: 05/01/2012-04/30/2015
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Rosie Piper, Health Promotion Manager
  • Location: Nogales, AZ
  • Program Overview: Vivir Mejor! is a culturally competent health education program. The program uses a 13-week curriculum to deliver weekly education classes and supplemental physical activity sessions to participants. Education classes are delivered by promotoras, with trained and certified instructors providing physical activity sessions. The program was created by the Mariposa Community Health Center (MCHC) to help address the high prevalence of chronic disease in rural Hispanic/Latino populations near the U.S.-Mexico border. The program was initially designed to provide diabetes prevention education, but has now expanded to focus on cardiovascular disease prevention.

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