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Module 4: Implementation Considerations for Rural Diabetes Programs

Implementing a rural community-based diabetes program requires a thorough understanding of the community in which the program is intended. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy and each program should vary depending on geographic, demographic, social, cultural, and economic circumstances.

  • Identify partners and resources within the community that will help participants overcome barriers.
  • Utilize any evidence-based or promising strategies used in other projects conducted in similar circumstances. This can also provide a sense of the challenges/barriers that might be encountered in your program effort.
  • Keep expectations practical, given program timelines, personnel and capital budget constraints, and resource availability.
  • Tailor the approach within an action-based framework that of how program elements will work together to accomplish the desired outcomes.

Primary implementation considerations should include identifying partnerships, recruiting participants, and factors that could facilitate or challenge the program's sustainability.

In this module: