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Rural Diabetes Intervention Program Funders

Rural diabetes prevention and management programs are supported by a variety of public and private sources of funding or more time-limited grants and contracts. Potential funders for rural communities include entities at the national, regional, and state level. This may include government agencies, foundations, associations, and organizations that offer resources and funding for diabetes prevention and management programs. Awareness of available funding opportunities is critical for successful sustainability planning.

To review potential funders, see Funders of Rural Programs in the Rural Community Health Toolkit. RHIhub's Online Library also provides a list of active and inactive diabetes funding opportunities. More information about building relationships with philanthropies can be found in A Guide to Working with Rural Philanthropy.

Examples of Federal Agencies that Support Rural Diabetes Programs

National Associations that Support Rural Diabetes Programs

Examples of State Agencies that Support Rural Diabetes Programs

State agencies, including departments of health and public health, have funded rural diabetes programs. Rural communities may investigate agencies at the local, county, regional, and state level for available opportunities, such as grant programs focused on chronic disease management or disparities. Examples of state agencies that have funded rural diabetes programs include:

Examples of Foundations that Support Rural Diabetes Programs