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Missouri Rural Health Association

  • Project Title: HealthTran
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Doris Boeckman, MRHA Rides to Wellness Director
  • Location: Missouri
  • Program Overview: HealthTran provides non-emergency medical transportation for rural Missouri residents who otherwise would have difficulty finding a ride to their appointments. The program, which is administered by the Missouri Rural Health Association, began in 2013 with a three-year grant from the Missouri Foundation of Health, along with additional funding from the Missouri Department of Transportation and the National Center for Mobility Management. The first step of the program was to hold a panel discussion at the Missouri Public Transit Association's strategic planning session. In this discussion, it became clear that there was a need to coordinate between healthcare and transportation providers.

    Today, HealthTran coordinates rides for residents of 10 rural Missouri counties, coordinating between numerous transportation and healthcare providers. The program is targeted toward individuals who are unable to access safe, reliable, and affordable transportation through other means, such as Medicaid non-emergency transportation or veterans' transportation assistance.

    Patients without transportation for appointments can be referred by their healthcare provider to HealthTran. Once that happens, a HealthTran Coordinator contacts the patient to complete a needs assessment and to schedule the trip. HealthTran can be used for one-time or reoccurring visits at no cost to the patient.

    Since its inception, HealthTran has served hundreds of patients, more than half of whom had a self-reported disability. This transportation has led to fewer missed appointments, which benefits both patients and providers.

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