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County of Nevada Human Services Agency

  • Project Title: Healthy Outcomes Integration Team (HOIT)
  • Grant Period: 05/01/2012-04/30/2015
  • Contact Name: Rebecca Slade, Behavioral Health Director
  • Location: Nevada County, California
  • Program Overview: The Healthy Outcomes Integration Team (HOIT), run by the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department, is made up of a group of varied providers from different sectors of healthcare, community, and family. A registered nurse and service coordinators work together to connect clients who have a serious mental illness and have, or are at-risk for, a chronic condition to primary care, mental health, behavioral health, and substance use treatment services. Additionally, program staff work with clients on their core health indicators and help clients set and meet health goals. HOIT uses care coordination across different organizations and clinics to help facilitate these service needs. The program is modeled after the evidence-based, IMPACT model, which is an intervention for adult patients with depression and a chronic disease or other major health condition.

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Models represented by this program: