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Oregon Office on Disability and Health

  • Project Title: Community Engagement Initiative
  • Contact Name: Angela Weaver, Project Coordinator
  • Location: Oregon
  • Program Overview: The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI), led by the Oregon Office on Disability and Health, is a grassroots model in which rural communities identify and address priorities for improving access to care for people with disabilities in three main areas: transportation; facility access and services; and provider knowledge, attitude, and communication.

    One successful example of this model being implemented was in Pendleton, OR. The Pendleton Project's primary goal was to increase access to healthcare for people with disabilities through the three-step CEI process. The first step in addressing access barriers was to bring together the community in a town hall style meeting, which allowed community members to voice concerns and identify specific problems that people with disabilities face. The second step was to bring together key community infrastructure representatives to discuss the identified barriers, identify resources, and create an action plan to address the healthcare barriers. The third and final step was community mobilization and implementation.

    It was during the third phase that specific physical access barriers were identified using a newly-designed ADA accessibility checklist for medical clinics and facilities. Physical access improvements were made to clinic design, paths of travel, and medical equipment. During this process, an accessible bus route was also added alongside medical centers to address barriers to transportation.

Models Represented by this program: