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Module 3: Program Clearinghouse

The HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy has funded several programs in rural areas with the goal of improving access to care for people with disabilities as part of the 330A Outreach Authority program. This program focuses on expanding access to healthcare services in rural areas.

Examples of current 330A Outreach Authority grantees and other organizations that have developed promising programs designed to improve access to care for people with disabilities in a rural community are provided below. Evidence-based and promising service models for improving access to care for people with disabilities are available in Module 2.

  • Avera Sacred Heart
    Project Title: South Dakota eResidential Facilities Health Care Services Access Project
    Synopsis: This program uses telehealth services to improve access to care for residents of long-term care and similar facilities.
  • Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance
    Project Title: Bridges to Care Transitions
    Synopsis: This program uses telehealth to improve access to care and access to chronic disease self-management education programs to rural residents.
  • County of Nevada Human Services Agency
    Project Title: Healthy Outcomes Integration Team
    Synopsis: This program provides coordinated health services to rural residents with mental health conditions at-risk for developing chronic conditions.
  • Mid-State Health Center: Ignite Project
    Project Title: Ignite: Making Connections that Spark Change
    Synopsis: This program aims to provide health coaching and care management to patients with depression and a co-occurring chronic health condition.
  • Mid-State Health Center: PATT Project
    Project Title: Plymouth Area Transitions Team (PATT)
    Synopsis: This program is a care transitions program designed to reduce hospital readmissions, improve quality and contain costs for patients with complex care needs.
  • Missouri Rural Health Association
    Project Title: HealthTran
    Synopsis: This program coordinates non-emergency medical transportation for patients demonstrating a transportation need for routine and preventative medical care.
  • Ohio Department of Health
    Project Title: Black Lung Clinics Grant Program
    Synopsis: This program provides clinical, rehabilitative, and social services to coal miners affected by Black Lung and other occupational lung-related diseases.
  • Oregon Office on Disability and Health
    Project Title: Community Engagement Initiative
    Synopsis: This program engages rural communities in improving access to care for people with disabilities using a three-step, grassroots method.