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Staff are critical to the implementation of any program. It is helpful to have staff with education, skills, or qualities that are specific to the program and target population needs. For example, an organization may recruit volunteers to conduct outreach activities, hire a certified professional to deliver screening services, or work with retired providers or students. If a staff member is going to be working directly with the community, hiring a community member to fill this role could help generate community buy-in.

Training is the one of the first opportunities that an organization has to create a strong, positive staff environment. Training for clinical staff, physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers that see people with disabilities in clinic or home care settings can include seminars about:

Resources to Learn More

Access to Medical Care DVD Set & Training Curriculum
This training curriculum is intended to inform providers about the barriers in accessing clinical care. This training can be used to improve access to quality care in a variety of clinical settings.
Organization(s): World Institute on Disability
Date: 1/2016

Disability and Health Information for Health Care Providers
Recommendations for healthcare providers on meeting the needs of people with disabilities as well as additional training resources.
Organization(s): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention