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Rural Health Information Hub

Bridges to Wellness

  • Project Title: Eat Healthy Move More
  • Grant Period: 2012-2015
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Emerson Goodwin, Executive Director
  • Location: Siloam Spring, AR
  • Program Overview: Bridges to Wellness is a nonprofit rural health network in Siloam Springs, which also operates under the name Siloam Springs Regional Health Cooperative. Bridges to Wellness implemented the “Eat Better. Move More!” initiative to support healthy lifestyle changes. Program participants were encouraged to set goals, put healthy choices in action, and form teams to support health improvements. The program involved workplaces wellness initiatives, physical activity classes and activities, and nutritional education. Siloam Springs Regional Health Cooperative is trying to create an environment where people take action, are physically active, and monitor what they eat.

Models Represented by this Program: