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Rural Health Information Hub

Ely Area Community Care Team

  • Year Network was Established: 2011
  • Grant Period: 2015-2017
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Heidi Favet, Pat Conway
  • Service Area: Babbitt, Ely, Embarrass, Soudan, Tower, and Winton, MN
  • Program Overview: The Ely Area Community Care Team (EACCT) was established in 2011 in response to observed gaps in service to local underserved populations, particularly for those patients suffering from mental illness. Using Accountable Communities for Health funding from Minnesota's State Innovation Model (SIM) grant, the EACCT adopted a collaborative community care team model based on Vermont's Blueprint for Health that uses a “No Wrong Door” approach to addressing patient need. Community health workers are embedded at local clinics and schools, and are trained to address the full spectrum of patient needs in a timely, comprehensive manner. For a brief video highlighting their work, see SIM Minnesota - Community Care Team Creates Hope and Health in Ely.

    EACCT's programming has evolved over time. They rely heavily on external program evaluation and mentorship from the St. Johnsbury Community Health Team to determine the direction of the network's work.

    There are 20 member partners in EACCT, including:
    • Hospitals
    • Health centers
    • Schools
    • Behavioral and/or mental health providers
    • Community and service organizations
    • Community members