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Integrating Professionals for Appalachian Children (IPAC)

  • Year Network was Established: 2002
  • Grant Period: 2006-2016
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Arian Smedley, Jane Hamel-Lambert, Joe Bianco
  • Service Area: Appalachian Ohio
  • Program Overview: Integrating Professionals for Appalachian Children (IPAC) of Ohio is an integrated network that was established in 2002. It became a 501(c)3 in 2006.

    Members of IPAC represent a diverse cross-section of organizations who are committed to the vision of improving health services for children and their families from Appalachian Ohio. From the onset, IPAC intentionally included diverse representation from member partners, ranging from high-level leadership who have executive decision-making power to direct care staff who have a nuanced understanding of the complexity of the issues. Parents and consumers have also sat on the board. This diverse representation has allowed IPAC to accomplish a great number of goals, which have come to define what IPAC is as a network.

    IPAC is responsible for a number of regional health initiatives housed in partner agencies. Examples include the Family Navigator Program, the Southeastern Ohio Interdisciplinary Assessment Team, an Early Identification and Screening Program, among others.

    IPAC currently has 14 member organizations, including:
    • Government agencies
    • School districts
    • Boards of developmental disabilities
    • Mental health organizations
    • Primary care agencies
    • Medical schools
    There are two tiers of membership in IPAC:
    • Board members bring professional expertise and organizational leadership
    • Participating members pay dues and are dedicated to the vision