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Rural Health Information Hub

Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development (TCWD)

  • Year Network was Established: 2006
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Mary Ann Watson, Nathalie Preptit
  • Service Area: Statewide
  • Program Overview: The Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development (TCWD), formerly the Tennessee Rural Partnership (TRP), is an integrated healthcare workforce network that oversees efforts to connect needed healthcare providers with rural and underserved communities. First incorporated as a nonprofit in 2006, TCWD oversees a number of programs that provide resources to both communities in need and primary care practitioners. One significant program administered by TCWD is the Tennessee Residency Incentive Program, which is a state-funded program aimed at supporting placement of medical residents in rural and underserved communities.

    In addition to receiving support through state and federal grants and contracts, TCWD has been able to sustain and expand its services across Tennessee primarily through the financial support of the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA). As of 2012, TCWD is an operating subsidiary of THA.

    There are approximately 20 members of TCWD, including representatives from: