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Articles of Incorporation

If a network decides to incorporate (either nonprofit or for-profit), it must file Articles of Incorporation with the state. Articles of Incorporation are essentially an explanation given by the organization to its stakeholders and the state of the character of the corporation.

In Forming Rural Health Networks: A Legal Primer, Teevans lists the following items to be included in the Articles:

  • Name and address
  • Purpose
  • Registered agent (an in-state person or entity to receive service of process or official notices)
  • The initial board of directors (sometimes)
  • Copy of bylaws (sometimes)

States vary in terms of what materials are required to be submitted, including naming guidelines, specific information that must be included in the Articles of Incorporation, additional paperwork that must be filed with the state, licensure requirements, and costs, among others. State-specific information can be researched and submitted to the appropriate Secretary of State's office.

Resources to Learn More

Template Articles of Incorporation
Excerpt from a handbook for starting a successful nonprofit, with examples of how articles of incorporation can be worded with details on the wording. This resource pertains to nonprofit organizations.
Organization(s): Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Date: 1/2012