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Operations Planning

An operations plan breaks down the activities and goals outlined in the strategic plan and business plan into measureable components. The operations plan specifies:

  • What explicit strategies and tasks are going to be undertaken
  • Who is responsible for each of the strategies and tasks
  • When the strategies and tasks must be completed
  • How much each strategy and task is going to cost

While the goals and objectives can be carried forward from the business (tactical) plan, writing the operations plan will fine-tune individual work plans, timelines, and financial allocation. Network members should be involved in developing the operations plan and be committed to the time frame for completing tasks.

Like business plans, operations plans should be considered living documents and be revised to reflect changes and growth within the network. Regularly re-verifying that there is a solid base of network members and key stakeholders supporting the network's ongoing operations is another key to its sustainability.

Resources to Learn More

Operational Plan Sample
An example of an operational plan. This example stems from Sports Management, but the concepts are relevant to rural health networks.