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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 2: Emerging Practices for Establishing Partnerships with Philanthropies

Rural organizations are implementing programs to improve their communities' health and well-being. Philanthropies are important partners that can help rural organizations achieve their goals.

This toolkit lists emerging practices identified by rural programs that have established partnerships with philanthropies, philanthropies that support rural programs, and experts in rural philanthropy. While these practices are not research-tested, they hold promise based on the experiences of rural programs and philanthropies that have implemented and recommended them.

Emerging practices are presented in three areas:

The toolkit is organized sequentially. However, partnerships between rural programs and philanthropies may not unfold in a linear manner. The goal of this toolkit is to provide information and resources to help rural programs in any stage of the process.

Each area includes emerging practices and resources. No single practice is appropriate for every rural program. Rural organizations may combine different practices and implement more than one practice to meet their needs.