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Rural Health Information Hub

North Dakota State University

  • Project Title: American Indian Public Health Resource Center
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Melanie Nadeau, Operational Director
  • Location: Fargo, North Dakota
  • Program Overview: The American Indian Public Health Resource Center (AIPHRC) serves Native communities through technical assistance, research, programming, policy development, and self-determination feasibility analysis. One of AIPHRC's goals is to bridge the gap between under-resourced areas and funding agencies. AIPHRC has received funding from several philanthropies to address AI health disparities in the upper Midwest. For example, the Helmsley Charitable Trust provided the seed funding for many of AIPHRC's tribal community programs. AIPHRC joined the National Network of Public Health Institutes to increase its sustainability and develop new partnerships. In turn, AIPHRC is able to provide technical assistance to many communities.

Models represented by this program: