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Understanding Expectations as a Grant Recipient

Once a rural organization has received a grant from a philanthropy, it is important to discuss expectations for the grant with the project officer. Topics may include:

  • Project methods
  • Management approach
  • Financial reporting
  • Deliverables
  • Evaluation
  • Timeline
  • Dissemination

Some philanthropies and project officers are interested in scheduling regular phone updates about the project's activities. Others prefer to attend site visits once or twice a year and may not want to be involved in the program's day-to-day operations. Many of these topics will have been described in the proposal and discussed during the application process, but it is important to revisit them and confirm expectations at the beginning of the project.

Resources to Learn More

Managing Your Grant: Nuts, Bolts, Coffee
Discusses key first steps for programs to take upon receiving a grant, including the initial paperwork, financial grant management, and developing reporting timelines and report templates. Also includes some basic information about accounting and reporting practices that will support the organization's transparency and credibility with funders.
Organization(s): The Grantsmanship Center