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Dissemination Requirements for Funded Programs

Rural organizations should discuss dissemination and reporting requirements with the philanthropy. Any public-facing products should include an acknowledgement of the funder as a supporter of this project, if that is agreeable to the funder. Similarly, the philanthropic organization may be interested in publicizing the work of its grantees to illustrate the benefits that communities are receiving as a result of their funds. Programs should be prepared to share materials like promotional videos or stories with their project officer.

Rural programs that receive funding from philanthropic organizations may be required to share program results with the philanthropy both during the grant and after the funding ends. Some philanthropies have advisory boards, and rural programs may be required to provide periodic updates.

Resources to Learn More

Resources for Grantees: Communicating About Grants
Provides information about how to successfully communicate grant results to foundations and other funders. Targeted to Walton grantees but information can apply to those receiving funding from other foundations as well.
Organization(s): Walton Family Foundation