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Dissemination Materials for Engaging Philanthropies

Programs may want to develop tailored dissemination materials to share with philanthropies. A one-pager that succinctly tells the story of your program and identifies how philanthropic contributions can make a difference can be a powerful tool. Programs should consider developing short, customizable dissemination materials that can be quickly shared with different donors.

These materials may include items such as program summaries, annual reports, sample budgets that show the impact of investments, and individualized donor letters. Having both electronic and printed versions of materials can be helpful.

If you have the resources, consider creating short videos about the organization's mission and achievements to share with partnering philanthropies. Include personal stories, quotes, organizational stories, and case studies to illustrate program successes.

In addition, programs can develop an elevator speech to communicate with philanthropies in person. See Develop and Refine an Elevator Speech.

In developing dissemination materials and highlighting program data, it is important to present a combination of numbers and stories. It can also be powerful to highlight the partnerships and groups of people being helped by the program.

For programs with existing philanthropy partnerships, developing email templates and periodic updates highlighting program successes can be beneficial to keep philanthropies engaged and interested in continuing the partnership.