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Dissemination Strategies for Engaging Philanthropies

Philanthropies are interested in investing in programs or organizations with a track record of success. Rural organizations should consider disseminating information about their program's achievements to increase their visibility. For example, presenting project findings or information at a conference, meeting, or local event (such as a Rotary meeting) where philanthropies might be present is one way to increase exposure. In addition, reaching out to philanthropies with similar interests and values to share program results may increase awareness, and interest in the program.

Some examples of potential venues for disseminating information about the program include:

  • Attending and presenting at local and national conferences, association meetings, and other community events like nonprofit conferences, meetings, and other association meetings
  • Using social media to share information about the goals of your program and organization
  • Connecting with local media, such as a newspaper or radio station, to inform the community and potential philanthropies about the program
  • Having a local champion spread news about a program

Any materials used to share program results should be concise and clear, with a direct call to action. Philanthropies should be able to quickly understand what the program is, how it aligns with their work, and how their contributing to the program could make an impact. See Approaching Philanthropies for more information.

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