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Resources for Community Health Projects

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) funds the Rural Health Information Hub as an information clearinghouse to support potential grantees and all rural communities. The RHIhub site provides access to:

  • The Community Health Gateway's Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health and Rural Health Models & Innovations, with examples of evidence-based approaches for rural communities
  • The Economic Impact Analysis Tool, which shows how a program’s grant funding affects a community’s economic well-being
  • Sustainability Planning Tools, a set of tools to help grant-funded projects sustain services over the long term
  • The RHIhub Online Library's Funding & Opportunities, with federal, state, and foundation grant listings, including information on FORHP's outreach, network development, and network development planning grants
  • RHIhub Topic Guides, which provide background information, statistics, and publications for use in understanding a particular issue and developing an effective grant proposal

RHIhub Resources by Topic

For direct links to these RHIhub resources for specific topics:

Other Resources that Support Rural Community Health

The Rural Health Research Gateway is another source of information that can support community health. It features the work of FORHP's Rural Health Research Centers and Analysis Initiatives, including a list of projects and publications by topic.