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Rural Border Health – Resources

Selected recent or important resources focusing on Rural Border Health.

Promotoras de Salud in a Father-Focused Nutrition and Physical Activity Program for Border Communities: Approaches and Lessons Learned from Collaboration
Explores the role community health workers, or promotoras de salud, played the design, implementation, and evaluation of a father-focused health program for rural Latino communities on the U.S.-Mexico border. Highlights some of the health and wellness issues for children and adults in the poor and underserved colonias along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Author(s): Cassandra M. Johnson, Marlyn A. Allicock, Joseph R. Sharkey, et al.
Citation: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(18), 11660
Date: 09/2022
Type: Document
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Risk Perceptions of Drinking Bottled vs. Tap Water in a Low-Income Community on the US-Mexico Border
Presents a study on rates of bottled water usage among low-income Latinos on the U.S.-Mexico border. Explores concerns about tap-water quality and oral health consequences of drinking unfluoridated water. Draws conclusions from interviews of low-income Latino households about the perceived safety of tap water in Nogales, Arizona.
Author(s): Kerton R. Victory, Amanda M. Wilson, Nolan L. Cabrera, et al.
Citation: BMC Public Health, 22, 1712
Date: 09/2022
Type: Document
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Social Ecology of Hypertension Management Among Latinos Living in the U.S.–Mexico Border Region
Study examining hypertension management in 2 rural, frontier counties in the U.S.-Mexico border region based on data from 8 focus groups with 49 total participants. Discusses social and environmental issues raised in the focus groups, including individual barriers to disease management, social relationships, healthcare-related concerns, and environmental health.
Author(s): Lisa Cacari Stone, Victoria Sanchez, Sean Patrick Bruna, Michael Muhammad, Carmen Zamora
Citation: Health Promotion Practice, 23(4), 650-661
Date: 07/2022
Type: Document
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The Unreachable Doorbells of South Texas: Community Engagement in Colonias on the US-Mexico Border for Mosquito Control
Describes community engagement efforts for mosquito surveillance and control in colonias along south Texas's Lower Rio Grande Valley. Discusses the importance of community involvement in developing communications materials and recommendations for engagement, presenting lessons learned from outreach to 6 colonias in Hidalgo County.
Author(s): Jose G. Juarez, Ester Carbajal, Katherine L. Dickinson, et al.
Citation: BMC Public Health, 22, 1176
Date: 06/2022
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Perceptions of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination in Latinx and Indigenous Mexican Immigrant Communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley
Examines social determinants of health (SDOH) and socio-cultural perceptions of COVID-19 spread, testing, and vaccination among Latinx and indigenous Mexican farm-working communities in the rural borderland of Eastern Coachella Valley. Discusses data from 55 focus group participants about themes of misinformation, distrust of institutions, and employment and residency instability.
Author(s): Daniel Gehlbach, Evelyn Vázquez, Gabriela Ortiz, et al.
Citation: BMC Public Health, 22
Date: 05/2022
Type: Document
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Evaluating the Dissemination and Implementation of a Community Health Worker-Based Community Wide Campaign to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Physical Activity among Latinos along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Describes a culturally tailored community-wide program to augment fruit and vegetable consumption and promote physical activity among 5,686 low-income Latinos of Mexican descent living in Texas. Features demographics and statistics on changes in fruit and vegetable consumption over the course of the intervention.
Author(s): Paul Gerardo Yeh, Belinda M. Reininger, Lisa A. Mitchell-Bennett, et al.
Citation: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(8), 4514
Date: 04/2022
Type: Document
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Occupational Stressors and Access to COVID-19 Resources among Commuting and Residential Hispanic/Latino Farmworkers in a US-Mexico Border Region
Highlights a study on occupational stress during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by farmworkers who commute daily from Mexico to the U.S. Breaks down data by personal characteristics, such as age, country of birth, and COVID-19 vaccination rates, among others.
Author(s): Annie Jane Keeney, Amy Quandt, Mercy D. Villaseñor, et al.
Citation: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(2), 763
Date: 01/2022
Type: Document
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Task Force of Border Health Officials Recommendations Report, 2021
Report addressing public health issues in the Texas-Mexico border region, offering short- and long-term planning recommendations. Covers health infrastructure, communicable diseases, environmental health, chronic diseases, and maternal child health.
Date: 12/2021
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Task Force of Border Health Officials
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Scaling a Community-Wide Campaign Intervention to Manage Hypertension and Weight Loss
Analysis of a public health intervention addressing hypertension and obesity among low-income Latino populations in the U.S.-Mexico border region in Texas. Discusses the impacts of the intervention in 10 cities and large metro areas, 2 small towns, and 6 rural areas and examines data using the RE-AIM Framework.
Author(s): Belinda M. Reininger, Lisa A. Mitchell-Bennett, MinJae Lee, et al.
Citation: Frontiers in Medicine, 8, 661353
Date: 11/2021
Type: Document
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¿Qué Pasa Con Papá? Exploring Paternal Responsibilities and Physical Activity in Mexican-Heritage Families
Study examining physical activity and parental responsibility among Mexican-heritage fathers in colonias along the Texas-Mexico border, analyzing data from 300 surveys. Discusses reported activities with children, sense of financial responsibility, and strategies for increasing shared activities among Mexican-heritage fathers and children.
Author(s): Megan E. McClendon, M. Renée Umstattd Meyer, Tyler Prochnow, et al.
Citation: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(16), 8618
Date: 08/2021
Type: Document
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