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HRSA Grants Education and Technical Assistance Webinar Series
for Tribes, Tribal Organizations, Indian Health, Tribal and Urban Indian Health Programs

During 2018, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) hosted a Grants Education and Technical Assistance Webinar Series for Tribes, Tribal Organizations, Indian Health, Tribal and Urban Indian Health Programs. The sessions provided attendees the opportunity to learn about the federal grant application process, how to write better grant proposals and evaluation plans for your projects, strategies for successful grant management, and more.

Additional resources and information were shared with participants in follow up emails after the webinar.

Below is the list of the sessions with links to the archives. Presentation materials can be downloaded from the file share pod located on the bottom lefthand side of each session’s Adobe Connect rooms.

Webinar Sessions

Federal Grant Application Process: The Basics


  • Federal Grant Application Process First Steps: Registration in DUNS, SAM, &
  • Where and How to Find Funding Opportunities
  • Notice of Funding Opportunity: Purpose & Structure
  • HRSA Grants Resources & Technical Assistance

Writing a Competitive Grant Application


  • Vision, Design, and Capacity as an Approach to Grant Writing
  • Critical Elements of Non-Research Grant Applications and Competitive Proposals
  • HRSA Review Criteria
  • Good Proposals versus Funded Proposals
  • Top 5 Mistakes When Applying for a Grant

Applying for a HRSA Grant: A Grantee and a Reviewer’s Perspectives / The Benefits of Becoming a Reviewer


  • HRSA’s Funding Cycle & Responsibilities
  • The Objective Review Cycle
  • How to Become a HRSA Grant Reviewer
  • Best Practices in Preparing a Grant Application and Applying for a HRSA Grant

Writing a Successful Evaluation Plan for Your Grant Application


  • Creating Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART) Objectives and Logic Models
  • Application of Logic Models in Planning and Evaluation

Preparing a Budget for your Grant Proposal

Part 1: Building a Budget


  • Federal Grant Budgets Basic Elements
  • How to Develop Budgets that Cover Allowable Costs and Tie into the Project Workplan
  • Resources for Creating Budget Proposals

Part 2: HRSA Budget 101 / Tips & Resources


  • Budget Reporting Requirements on the Federal Form SF-424A
  • Common Budget Reporting Mistakes
  • Cost Principles

Effective Grants Management/Administration & Reporting


  • Grant Recipient & Government Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Federal Grant Cycle: From Planning to Closeout
  • Post Award Monitoring
    (Federal Financial Reporting, Terms & Conditions, Prior Approvals)
  • Budget Basics, Allowable vs Unallowable Costs, Direct vs Indirect Costs
  • Federal Grants and Audit Requirements
    (Federal Legislation, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Grant Agreement Terms & Conditions)
  • Crucial Areas for Financial Management Success / HRSA Top 5 Audit Findings

Successful HRSA Tribal Grantees: A Discussion on Best Practices, Lesson Learned in Managing HRSA Grants


  • Grants Management Best Practices
    (Project Management, Performance & Financial Reporting, Budget/Accounting Controls, Audits)
  • Barriers and Challenges in Managing Grants
  • Resources to Support Grants Management and Compliance