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#RuralHealthChat: Access to Funding for Rural Health Projects

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019
Time: 10:00am Pacific, 11:00am Mountain, 12:00pm Central, 1:00pm Eastern
Duration: approximately 60 minutes


  • National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) – @NOSORH

Special Guests:

  • Rich Davis, Deputy Administrator for the Community Facilities Program, USDA Rural Development – @usdard
  • Toniann Richard, CEO, Healthcare Collaborative of Rural Missouri – @hccnetwork
  • Allen Smart, Project Director, The Rural Philanthropy Analysis Project, Campbell University – @allensmart6
  • John Supplitt, Senior Director, American Hospital Association, Section for Small or Rural Hospitals – @jsupplitt
  • National Association of Counties – @NACoTweets
  • Health Resources and Services Administration – @HRSAgov

Nonprofit organizations and healthcare providers in rural areas often rely on funding such as grants and loans to bring new projects to life or maintain existing services. Whether the funding comes from government agencies, philanthropic organizations, or corporate givers, external funding can spur innovation in rural communities.

Join us this National Rural Health Day, Thursday, November 21, 2019 when we will discuss funding opportunities available to rural organizations, including how to overcome barriers, where to find funding, and what factors make rural communities successful. We’ll be using the hashtags #RuralHealthChat and #PowerofRural to tweet with experts from around the country who are excited to share their knowledge. Everyone is welcome to provide comments, questions, or just follow along!


Log onto Twitter and follow the #RuralHealthChat hashtag. The RHIhub will tweet questions regarding our topic and special guests and other attendees may jump in with answers! Questions will be numbered using Q1, Q2, etc. and answers should begin with A1, A2, etc., matching the question they belong to. If you would like to join in, be sure to use the #RuralHealthChat and #PowerofRural hashtags in your tweet! All participants may follow along and jump in when they want to contribute answers or questions.


  • Q1: Why is it important for funders to fund rural projects?
  • Q2: What challenges/barriers do rural communities face in applying for funding and administering grants?
  • Q3: How can rural projects show promise compared to urban projects that may serve a greater number of people?
  • Q4: What types of funders are likely to fund rural projects? What kinds of projects do they fund?
  • Q5: How do you go about starting a relationship with a funder?
  • Q6: What factors make rural applications and projects successful?
  • Q7: What tips, tricks, and resources would you suggest to help rural projects in their search for funds?
  • Q8: Bragging time! Tell us about the work you/someone you know is doing to increase access to funding in rural communities!

If you have any questions, please contact Lexie Schmidt at or 701.777.6046.