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Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse in Rural Communities

Duration: approximately minutes

Featured Speakers

Tricia Stauffer Tricia Stauffer, MPH, Principal Research Analyst at the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, will introduce the Rural Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Toolkit.
Lisa Macon Harrison Lisa Macon Harrison, MPH, Health Director at Granville Vance Public Health will present on Project VIBRANT (Vance Initiates Bringing Resources and Naloxone Training), which purchased naloxone kits and provided training to healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other community members on how to recognize and respond to opioid overdose.
Freddie Jaquez Freddie Jaquez, MA, Executive Director of San Luis Valley Area Health Education Center will present on San Luis Valley N.E.E.D. (Naloxone - Education - Empowerment - Distribution), which worked with community partners to organize a six-county-wide program in Colorado to provide training on recognizing symptoms of opioid overdose and administering naloxone in the case of overdose.

The Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) and NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis will introduce a new Rural Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Toolkit designed to help rural communities plan, implement, and sustain substance abuse services. Developed by NORC on behalf of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), the toolkit identifies model programs and resources that will benefit rural communities seeking to implement substance disorder prevention and treatment programs. A key focus area of the toolkit is to provide best practices for implementing prevention programs and increasing access to treatment and support services in rural communities. This webinar will feature two examples of successful programs funded by FORHP, including lessons learned.