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Rural Health Information Hub

Improving Access to Transportation in Rural Communities

Duration: approximately minutes

Featured Speakers

Tricia Stauffer Tricia Stauffer, MPH, Principal Research Analyst at the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis
Katherine Freund Katherine Freund, Founder and President of ITNAmerica
Mary Gordon Mary Gordon, HealthTran Program Manager
Doris Boeckman Doris Boeckman, Principal partner of Community Asset Builders, LLC

The Rural Health Information Hub and the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis will present the Rural Transportation Toolkit, which is designed to help rural communities improve access to transportation. Developed by NORC on behalf of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), the toolkit identifies model programs and resources that will benefit rural communities seeking to implement transportation programs. The toolkit describes best practices for improving access to transportation, overcoming barriers, and improving transportation safety in rural communities.

This webinar will feature two examples of successful rural transportation programs and their lessons learned. First we will hear from Katherine Freund, founder and president of ITNAmerica, about ITNCountry, a flexible, low-cost transportation model ideal for small and rural communities. Next we will hear about HealthTran from Mary Gordon, HealthTran program manager, and Doris Boeckman, principal partner of Community Asset Builders, LLC. HealthTran is a flexible system which coordinates and schedules rides within minutes or up to a month in advance.