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Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network (RPHWTN) Program

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy's Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network Program is designed to help rural health networks address workforce needs through job development, training, and placement activities. The program addresses four critical workforce areas:

  • Community health support
  • Health IT and/or telehealth technical support
  • Community paramedicine
  • Case management and/or respiratory therapy

The Rural Monitor features the accomplishments of grantees from this program in these FORHP Grants in Motion articles:

CommHIT Shoots for the Moon
February 21, 2024
A Florida RPHWTN grantee is assisting Florida partners with workforce development initiatives and technology-related training programs.
RPHWTN Grantees Help Rural Healthcare Facilities Keep Local Talent
August 23, 2023
Three grantees — a career ladder program in Missouri, a respiratory therapy program in Texas, and a health IT program in Virginia — share stories of changing individuals' lives as well as keeping local talent in their healthcare facilities and communities.

The RPHWTN Program: 2022 Grantee Directory shares contact information and brief descriptions for the 32 rural health networks funded by the Rural Public Health Workforce Training Network (RPHWTN) program during the 2022-2025 grant period.

For information about the most recent application cycle for this program, see the funding summary in our Online Library.

For more information about this program, contact:
Patricia Burbano
RPHWTN Program Coordinator
Phone: 301-443-7238