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Rural Health Information Hub

RHIhub Videos

Rural Programs Making a Difference

A video series that highlights programs featured in RHIhub's Rural Health Models and Innovations and Rural Monitor newsletter. Each video brings to life the mission and service of these programs through visual narratives.

FORHP Grant Programs

Learn about how grantees supported by Federal Office of Rural Health Policy programs are helping rural communities.

Key and Emerging Rural Health Issues

Learn about pressing concerns impacting health in rural communities and how different types of organizations are working to address them.

Philanthropies Supporting Rural Health

Hear from philanthropic organizations about the impact of funding projects in rural communities.

Highlights from the History of Rural Health

This video series features key moments and developments in recent rural health history in the United States. Hear first-person accounts explaining the issues and how solutions came to be.

RHIhub Power User Tips

Learn how to make the most of the features available on the RHIhub website with these short video tutorials.