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Find Rural Data

The Rural Data Explorer and Chart Gallery provide access to a wide range of data on rural health issues.

Learn how to locate and use data in the Finding Statistics and Data Related to Rural Health topic guide.

Funding Opportunities

Discover the latest funding and opportunities to support rural health. Browse all funding opportunities.

Learn how to develop grant proposals in the Applying for Grants topic guide.

Am I Rural?

Use the Am I Rural? Tool to find out if a location is considered rural based on various definitions of rural, including definitions that are used as eligibility criteria for federal programs.

What Works in Rural

Find rural project examples in Rural Health Models and Innovations and proven strategies for strong rural programs with Evidence-Based Toolkits like the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Key Rural Health Issues

Learn about issues that impact rural health in RHIhub's Topic Guides. Recently updated:

The Rural Monitor

Facing Disproportionate Danger, Rural Communities Take a Grassroots Approach to Road Safety
While an estimated 20% of Americans live in rural areas, 40% of traffic deaths occur on rural roads.

Exploring Rural Health Podcast

Check out our latest podcast episode, Rural Age-Friendly Health Systems, with Alan Morgan, Rani Snyder, and Jed Hansen. New episodes are released the first Tuesday of each month.

RHIhub Toolkit

Rural Unintentional Injury Prevention Toolkit
This NEW Rural Unintentional Injury Prevention Toolkit features evidence-based and promising models and resources to support organizations implementing unintentional injury prevention programs in rural communities.

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