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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Key federal and state resources to address COVID-19:
Rural Response to COVID-19

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Find Rural Data

The Rural Data Explorer and Chart Gallery provide access to a wide range of data on rural health issues.

Learn how to locate and use data in the Finding Statistics and Data Related to Rural Health topic guide.

Funding Opportunities

Discover the latest funding and opportunities to support rural health. Browse all funding opportunities.

Am I Rural?

Use the Am I Rural? Tool to find out if a location is considered rural based on various definitions of rural, including definitions that are used as eligibility criteria for federal programs.

What Works in Rural

Find rural project examples in Rural Health Models and Innovations and proven strategies for strong rural programs with Evidence-Based Toolkits like the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Toolkit.

Key Rural Health Issues

Learn about issues that impact rural health in RHIhub’s Topic Guides. Recently updated:

RHIhub Toolkit

Social Determinants of Health Toolkit
This new toolkit, created in collaboration with the NORC Walsh Center, compiles resources and model programs to assist rural organizations in implementing, evaluating, and sustaining programs that address social determinants of health in their communities.

COVID-19’s Current Impact on Rural Healthcare Delivery: Q&A with Brock Slabach
Brock Slabach, the National Rural Health Association’s Senior Vice President for Member Services, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on rural America’s healthcare organizations.

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