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Rural Community Health Worker Programs: Proving Value and Finding Sustainability

July 24, 2024
For decades, community health workers (CHWs) provided their services outside usual healthcare reimbursement models. In recent years, with research supporting CHWs as professionals effectively assisting patients with navigating health-related social determinants, federal and private payers are exploring reimbursement mechanisms. Four rural healthcare organizations share both the impact and the continued sustainability challenges — and successes — of their CHW programs.

Collaboration, Not Competition: Thrive Allen County's Capacity Building Initiatives

May 15, 2024
Thrive Allen County, a Kansas nonprofit, brings grant money into its community and helps other entities build capacity through grant writing, technical assistance, and other services. Since 2019, the nonprofit has brought over $28 million into its rural community and its work has led to hiking and biking trails, a state park, new grocery stores, and much more.

Strategic Collaboration: The Key to Moving Rural Healthcare Forward

March 27, 2024
Strategic collaboration allows rural organizations to combine resources and expertise to improve care and patient outcomes. Southern Illinois Healthcare, the Iowa Primary Care Association, and Minnesota's Winona Community HUB share how strategic collaboration has helped them conduct community health needs assessments, provide technical assistance to community health centers, connect patients to food and housing, and much more.

Loud and Clear: Improving Access to Hearing Care in Rural America

March 13, 2024
Studies find that rural people have higher rates of hearing loss than urban people but face significant barriers to care. Experts from a hearing clinic in South Dakota, a telehealth program in Alaska, and a nationally available agriculture safety program discuss these barriers, ways to improve access to hearing care, and the importance of hearing conservation.