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Economic Impact Analysis Tool

The Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) tool shows how your community health project's spending on staff, supplies, equipment, and other expenses benefits your community. The EIA Tool can be used by any community health organization wanting to understand how its activities affect the community.

Learn About the Tool

Based on information you provide, this tool estimates the economic impact of grant program investments on the local economy. These calculations help rural program grantees assess performance and advocate for resources that contribute to program sustainability and improved healthcare for rural populations.

Watch our 2-minute video to learn how the EIA tool works.

Prepare to Use the EIA Tool

You will be asked to provide information about your project's spending over several different categories. The tool calculates the economic impact based on your spending, the populations you serve, and service locations.

EIA Worksheet to Track Spending
Use this optional form throughout your project period to keep track of spending.

Watch our 3-minute video for tips on how to collect the project and spending information you'll need.

Create an Economic Impact Report

EIA Tool User Guide
for a detailed, step-by-step overview of how to create an economic impact report based on your project's spending

To use the EIA tool, you will need to log in to your RHIhub account.

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Watch our 2-minute video to see how to enter your project spending and get an economic impact report.