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Rural Health Information Hub

Tools for Success

Am I Rural?

Find out if your area is considered rural based on several federal government definitions, including those used in determining eligibility for federal grant programs.

Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health

Step-by-step guides to help you build effective community health programs, with resources and examples drawn from evidence-based and promising programs.

Rural Healthcare Surge Readiness

Up-to-date and critical resources for rural healthcare systems preparing for and responding to a COVID-19 surge.

Rural Community Health Gateway

Resources to assist you at every stage of program implementation, from finding an approach, to securing funding, to planning for long-term sustainability.

Economic Impact Analysis

Show how your program’s grant funding affects your community’s economic well-being and share this information with sponsors, funders, and your community.

Sustainability Planning Tools

Tools to help you plan and position your grant-funded projects so that services can be sustained over the long term.

Testing New Approaches

Learn about rural demonstration projects that test new approaches and models of care.

Rural Health IT Curriculum Resources

A collection of curriculum resources educators can adapt to create rural health IT workforce training programs. Developed by Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Rural Health IT Workforce Program grantees.

Care Management Medicare Reimbursement Strategies for Rural Providers

Information for rural healthcare providers on Medicare billing codes for services to keep beneficiaries healthy and better coordinate services to support beneficiaries at home.