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FCC: Connect America Fund, Alaska Connect Fund, ETC Annual Reports and Certifications, Telecommunications Carriers Eligible To Receive Universal Service Support, Universal Service Reform-Mobility Fund

Federal Register
Apr 10, 2024
Notice of final rule from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopting a Report and Order amending existing rules and requirements governing the management and administration of the Universal Service Fund (USF) high-cost program. Changes will streamline processes, align timelines, and refine certain rules to more precisely address specific situations experienced by carriers. This rule is effective May 10, 2024, except for amendments to sections 36.4 (amendatory instruction 2), 54.205 (amendatory instruction 7), 54.313 (amendatory instruction 10), 54.314 (amendatory instruction 11), 54.316 (amendatory instruction 13), 54.903 (amendatory instruction 18), and 54.1306 (amendatory instruction 22), which are delayed indefinitely.
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